Frequently Asked Questions


I have an issue with wwriteLite and need assistance, how do I contact support?

You can contact support by tapping on "Tools" -> "Support". Here you can tap on either "Email" or "Twitter" and an email or tweet will be started.

wwriteLite says I can get support via twitter, how does that work?

You can get support by tapping on "Tools" -> "Support" -> Twitter

How does “Locking Files” work with wwriteLite 4.0?

Locking Files is used to allow you to protect a file by requiring Face ID, Touch ID, or a password in order to open. The password is your iPhone or iPad passcode.
In order to lock a file, you can swipe from the left on a file and tapping on “Lock” or continuing to swipe to the right. You can unlock files in the same manner.

There are a couple of things to note about Locked Files.
When a file is locked, you cannot use drag and drop on the file and you cannot delete the file. In order to use drag and drop or delete a file, you will need to unlock the file.

How does Distraction-Free Mode work?

Distraction-Free Mode works by removing the file list and status bar and will provide you with as much space to work on your writing. To enable Distraction-Mode, click on the icon and then turn on the "Distraction Free" switch. To disable it, tap on the icon and turn the "Distraction Free" switch off.

wwriteLite 3.1.0 is iOS 11 only. I am running a device that cannot be upgraded past iOS 10. Will I get the update?

No, unfortunately you will not. However, You will still be able to use wwriteLite 2.1.3 without any issue. Additionally, you can use wwriteFree 3.0, or wwriteFree 2.5, since both support iOS 10.

How do I get files onto my iPad?

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this.

How does wwriteLite know what to put into a new file?

wwriteLite is designed to take the contents of any file that is shared through iTunes, or through drag and drop in iOS 11, and put it into a file. It will not attempt to read out any of the file, it will merely take the contents as-is and import it.

What type of files does ‘wwriteLite’ support?

wwriteLite is a text-only editor. As of right now it can only support plain-text files. It does support emoji as well, but font styles like bold, italics, and different fonts are not supported.

I want to import a template, can this be done?

At this time, it is not possible to import templates. This may be a feature that comes in the future.

All of the files I import just have a white background, is there anyway to import a file with a background color already assigned?

Just like the templates, it is not possible to import a file with a background color, or template assigned.

However, with 4.2.0 you can assign a template to a file. This is done by clicking on the icon and selecting the template you want.

Can I compress all of my current files and then delete them?

Yes, as of version 1.3.0 there is an option to compress the files. The files will be available via an ‘archive’ file when sharing within iTunes.
As of version 2.1.0 you now have more options. You can now archive “Files Only”, “Files and Metadata”, “Templates Only”, or “Everything”. Also in version 2.1.0, there is an option to erase everything, excluding templates; there is a separate option for erasing templates. This will erase everything, including archives. It is recommended that you email a full archive to yourself before erasing all content.

How do I customize a template

You can customize a template by performing the following:
  1. Select an existing file, or create a Blank File
  2. Tap on “Tools”.
  3. Tap on “Customize Templates”
  4. Select a template, or create a new template
  5. Adjust the Red, Green, and Blue sliders for the background, and font.
  6. Edit the Template text to create the template that you want.
  7. Click on Save. Your new template is ready to use.
Last Modified: May 19th 2019